Fox Box first sprang up as a small start-up company up in Edinburgh in 2011. Back then it was all about greenskin bitz, but since then we have expanded to add our own lines. Currently set up in Rotherham and doing our own casting, we offer you both greenskins and other wargaming models of our own design.

Who are we?

Benjamin Fox

Big Mek (Proprietor)

As a long time wargamer and boardgame enthusiast I started Fox Box shortly after graduating from university. In addition to the day-to-day running of the business I now sculpt my own range of orcs, goblins, bitz, and other miniatures and accessories.

While Gorkamorka is my passion I dabble in a number of other games. While in Edinburgh I took part in several Necromunda campaigns with Jim (of Hive City Terrain) and Simon (of Project Zeke Miniatures). While my gangs never came out on top they certainly put up a good fight!

Currently I am trying to get back into Warhammer 40,000 by putting together a small Kill Team force of Orks. Even if some days I feel like it’s slow-going, but I am getting there one Shoota Boy at a time…

In rare moments of free time I also write for The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site.


Jenny Mathiasson

Paint Squig Herder (Concept Artist)

I came to Fox Box in late 2012 and without any real experience of wargaming. I took to drawing greenskinz and since then I have become the concept artist for many of our own products. I also do a bit of project management, act as a sounding board, and offer a convenient extra pair of hands for when glue needs to dry!

When I’m not helping out here I work as a museum conservator, and as a freelance editor, translator and illustrator.



Anna Kilp

Grot Oiler

I wasn’t aware of wargaming until recently – since then I’ve been learning a lot about it and have fallen in love with the greenskins. My particular favourites have to be the Grots.

My degree was in Management and Entrepreneurship so helping a good friend run their business seemed like a good fit.

My role at Fox Box is to support Fox in all areas he needs supporting in – especially in providing him with additional brain storing capacities. I do my best to make sure orders are filled accurately as well as prodding Ben to update the site!