Got a question that’s not answered here? Head over to the contact form to drop us an email.

Questions about us and the site

I used the contact form and didn’t hear back from you. Was it something I said?
Check your spam folder – we run our own mail server and sometimes that means that the big boys’ servers don’t trust us. We always reply to email!

I tried to order and something went wrong.
Well that’s no fun for anyone. Sorry about that! Could you send us some specifics? Any time we find a problem we try to report it to our ecommerce software provider and get it fixed as soon as we can but to do that we need to know what broke and how. Screenshots, error codes, anything you’ve got could help.

What are my options for paying for stuff?
Currently we accept PayPal (and any payments they handle) and Stripe. You don’t need a PayPal account to use them (they offer a guest checkout where they’ll process cards) and similarly Stripe is a credit card processor so any card should be fine. If there’s some other payment processing method you’d like to use please contact us and we’ll see what we can do. We do not accept cryptocurrencies.

Questions about our services

Do you do commissions?
Absolutely! Get in touch with some details and we can have a chat and work out a quote. Given the custom nature of commissions it’s not really feasible to give a price list. Way too many variables!

I have an idea for a product, will you make it?
I might do. There’s lots of things I’d love to make but can’t reasonably fit into my product range any time soon. Get in touch and we’ll see what we can work out. You could be in luck!

Do you cast these things yourself?
Well, we cast the Fox Box branded resin stuff. Stuff that other people make was made by them, unsurprisingly.

I’ve got this thing I made! Will you make copies and sell it for me?
Probably! It’ll depend on the specifics of the models but usually I can work something out. This assumes the parts you’ve used are ones you either created yourself or have permission to reproduce. If you don’t then I’m afraid I’ll have to pass.

If I commission you to sculpt something could you make copies for me?
In the majority of cases, yep!

Questions about stuff we sell

You showed off something you were working on a while ago, how’s things going with that?
Good question! You should ask on one of our social media things (,,) as knowing what people are interested in seeing helps us prioritise what we work on.

When will you be restocking a particular plastic kit?
Pretty much as and when enough stuff is out of stock. If we’re only out of Ork Battlewagon parts then you’ll be waiting a while but when the rest of the shop is looking a bit barren then chances are there’s a restock on the horizon. Let us know if there’s something in particular you’re after!

Are your things as easy to assemble as plastic kits?
I’ll be straight with you – probably not. Some of the stuff we make is easy to assemble (unpack, glue to base!) but other things are more complex. You’ll need something like superglue (cyanoacrylate) and maybe some putty (“green stuff” being the common go-to). If you’ve built more advanced kits from other manufacturers before you’ll be fine!

Take a look at our Working with Resin page for some pointers.

How long does an order take to be dispatched?
That depends entirely on the order! We usually try to get orders out of the door within a few days of them coming in. That said if a product needs its mould replaced then that’ll add a few days and similarly if you order a lot of one item that’ll bump things up. Ordering a mix of things is no problem – we can cast them at the same time. Order ten of one thing though and they’ll need to be cast one by one! If you’re interested in ordering a lot of one thing you can let us know and we’ll try to build up some extra stock of whatever it is to speed things up.

Questions about shipping

Do you ship to my country?
As long as the Royal Mail delivers there we’ll happily have a go at sending it. We can also work something out with couriers if necessary.

How much will it cost to send an order to my country?
The checkout has a shipping calculator that will do its best to get the right amount. You’ll never be charged more than that but if it’s substantially off we’ll send over the excess as a refund. That mainly applies to larger orders as the amount of packaging needed doesn’t scale linearly with the amount of stuff in the box. As soon as we’re talking multiple kilos of resin we’re into “best guess” territory!

I’m ordering from outside the UK. Will I have to pay import fees?
You’ll have to check with the relevant government body in your own country. Our products are normally exported under commodity code 95030030 – “Electric trains, including tracks, signals and other accessories therefor; reduced-size (scale) model assembly kits”.

The stamp had a price on it and I paid more than that for shipping. What gives?
The shipping cost we charge covers everything that’s not the miniatures themselves, essentially. It’s not just the price of the stamp. There’s a lot of steps between the minis being in a box at our place and a package arriving at yours. Once everything’s paid for we send the excess back, assuming there is any.

Can’t you just mark exports as “gifts” on the customs declaration?
Yeah… No. As much as I love my customers I’m not breaking the law for you!