Saturday saw us taking on a new show – the excitingly named Ambush! in Driffield.

The hall being used for the show was rather lovely, possibly because it’s often used for wedding-related stuff. Various games dominated the centre although I was particularly drawn to the enormous Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse game:

Mmmm Orks…

Our hosts were the ever friendly Mighty Lancer Games and they took excellent care of everyone, as far as I could tell, although we spent most of our time chatting with various customers! That said they were particularly excellent for picking us up from the train station (and dropping us off at the end). Our stall packs up fairly small but we usually need a taxi to get anywhere quickly.

Ambush! is a two day event with free camping for traders but I am done with camping. I have done all the camping I ever intend to do. I’ve spent literal weeks camping both for work and family things and I’ve had enough. I can deal with the sleeping arrangements and the lack of electricity but the thing that drives me up the wall is the lack of floor. I like a floor under me when it’s time to stop working!

Most people aren’t as nuts as I am about that though and Ambush! continued into a second day. We couldn’t be there but we did leave our stall in the trusty hands of MLG to make sure tournament players could get something from us at sale prices. Did I mention that when we go to shows we implement substantial discounts on the selection we bring? ‘Cos that’s a thing we do.

If there’s another one next year then chances are we’ll be there!