There’s been an awful lot happening behind the scenes for what feels like forever and I’ve been doing my best to keep quiet about what we’ve been up to. Well, mostly me, I really don’t like when people say “we” when talking about a project they’re doing on their own. Then again the concept art didn’t draw itself and that wasn’t me so, yes, “we”. Right, that’s sorted out. Concept art? Ah yes:

Sororitas Arcanum Torso Concept

That should give you a bit of an idea, right?

I’d tease and hint more but I don’t think it’s worth wasting any more time building up to this. Time to get some models out there.

Sororitas Arcanum Pre-Production model

I’d be the first to admit I’m not the best painter but I figure you can get a feel for what’s I’ve been putting together.

They’re multi-part resin models. There’s a choice of three legs, arms, torsos, and heads. Erm, three pairs of arms. Then there’s weapons and backpacks although there’s currently no choice on those. Well, I suppose you could opt not to have either but that doesn’t seem like much of a choice, does it?

It’s actually a pre-production version. I tweaked a few things before making the production ones but it should be enough to get a general idea.

The plan is to follow up this blog post with photos of the models painted by someone much better than me.

If you’d like to buy some of these lovely ladies you can find them here.