New stuff!

Today begins the collaboration between Hive City Terrain and Fox Box. What’s Hive City Terrain?

Well I’ll let Jim tell you himself:

Hive City Terrain was started in 2011 originally to sell resin casts of terrain pieces that I used to create a large board for a heavy urban environment. I created pieces to fit the theme I had in mind and also created pieces that filled a gap in the UK  wargames terrain market.

After selling a few sets to friends and having positive feedback the next logical step was to start a small scale business.

Currently I am working with Ben of Fox Box to produce his excellent sculpts.

At the moment Hive City Terrain is predominantly 28mm scale but has pieces in the pipeline for 6mm wargames. Once HCT has made enough money the website will go online with lots of terrain pieces to fulfil a wide range of gaming needs.

We’re stocking their stuff and they’re going to be helping us make our own product range a reality.

We’re starting off with his set of sandbags, of which you’ll get 3 for £6. Not too shabby, eh?

There’s more to come, of course, but that’ll take a few days.