I think we may have been bitten by the convention bug (which is much better than being bitten by the convention squig — a very unforgiving biter) because yesterday we went to another wargaming show! This time we set up our stall at Barrage Wargames Show in Stafford: three glorious halls of traders and tabletop games with plenty to see and do. (Trust me: there was even a zombie hunt for kids.) For those of you who don’t know we currently live in Rotherham so we hired a car and made a day of it. Fang it!

Our stall was in Hall 3 which we alternated between calling The Kiln and The Furnace throughout the day (Fox: The forecast was for 23º and rain! I brought backup trousers and a jumper!). We drank plenty of water and occasionally took a break by wandering through to the (slightly) cooler other halls filled with fun stuff.

One such fun thing was the Mad Mekz Build-Off competition which we’d given a big box of miscasts and spares to. Nothing like watching your bitz come to life on the collective workbench! Six beautiful vehicles were born at the table during the day.

There were three prize categories: the Gorkiest, the Morkiest, and the Orkiest! The lucky winners won prizes from Kromlech and every entrant got a limited edition sculpt from us. His name is Grodbukkit and he’s inspired by a certain friendly mechanic from the Mad Max video game.

My favourite finds all day were two models from Oakbound Studio of my chap-hop heroes Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer and Professor Elemental. I also picked up a carry case for my Shadow War team! Fox was a bit tighter so here’s a comparison picture of our respective halls. I’m the winner. Not financially but in nerd points.

Shout-out to Dave’s Wargames; he had Fox kicking himself that he’d not brought more spending money! (Fox: He’s still wrong about Gorkamorka…)

By the way, the Bloodbowl and Saga tournaments were clearly popular as they were still in full swing when everyone had packed up. I’d call that a resounding success!

Cheers to everyone who organised Barrage and see you again next year!