After the fun we had last year we obviously couldn’t pass up attending Barrage for a second year, once again held at the Blessed William Thingy-Mc-what’s-it school in Stafford. A mighty chariot was purloined for the purposes (well, a mediocre little car was hired anyway) and off we pottered with our MDF product racks and matching t-shirts.

Last year we were in the cafeteria area next to the playing fields which was comfy if a little bit, erm, furnacey. Thankfully this time ’round that area wasn’t used and instead the highlighted areas below were used; spreading the show over three large halls. Where did we find ourselves setup? Right next to the entrance! Wow! See, there’s a little Fox glyph to indicate where and everything.

As with most shows we tried to make sure we had some new stuff and after the success of the Tiny Tank last year, well, we couldn’t resist doing another one:

We got the stall setup and I nipped to the toilets only to find we’d already sold a set by the time I got back! That definitely put a smile on our faces and that was before John got his chance to buy one, which resulted in enormous smiles. That said, whilst John is excellent a big thank you has to go out to all the Barrage crew. They looked after us and even acquired ice and bottled water at the end of the day to stop us from melting in the sweltering heat.

Speaking of which at one point I was having a chat with someone about their game system and noticed the sunlight hitting the wall above them, casting a shadow. The reason that’s worth mentioning is that amongst the shadows I could literally see the heat wafting off the building! We’re not used to that sort of thing in Britain!

That conversation was rather memorable in and of itself as it was with the excellent Connor who I know as Drake Andrews from the Reddit Warhammer Discord. My phone made noises at me and it turned out we were at the same event – small world! He demoed some of the elements of a space combat game he’s been working on, Solar Dominion, and told me of his plans for it. With any luck it’ll soon be available and you lot should exchange currency for it as it sounded elegant and fun, even if you can’t currently shoot yourself by combining light-speed weaponry and FTL travel!

This was also the first time we decided to try something a bit mad. We had a sale at the show. Yeah, we probably should have announced that beforehand but we only decided the night before. Various things got a major show discount – as much as 50% off in some cases. We might have to try that again when we’re at ChillCon Derby (22nd September 2018) – if only to avoid having to remove the sale stickers Jenny spent several hours applying (Go to bed! You’re driving tomorrow!).

Lastly there’s our show purchases to cover, I mean, what’s the point in making a profit if we don’t start spending it before the day’s over?

I grabbed some stuff I didn’t know Vallejo made that Sleeping Dragon were selling as well as an “effect” paint that Army Painter do. With any luck it’ll allow me to show off translucent armour on a certain Orc Warlord model. I also swung by Barwell’s airbrush stand to grab some lubricant stuff and airbrush-ready varnish. Not all that exciting but also not something I could pick up anywhere local either!

Jenny on the other hand found a set of Jack the Ripper themed minis over at Black Pyramid Gaming. I think she’s planning on making a Cluedo set based on the museum she works at – how cool is that?

Anyway, there’s still boxes of stuff on the living room floor so I’d best go deal with that. Hope to see lots of you at ChillCon Derby in a few months!