Recently we packed a hire car full of stuff and went to Derby for the second ChillCon this year! That’s right, those crazy guys decided to do two shows this year and we wanted to join them as we always have a blast at ChillCon. This time it was held at Allestree Woodlands School which was jolly nice. We were in the slightly smaller hall but it was a bright and, uh… spacious… space so that was excellent!

Our immediate neighbours were Cozzmic Cakes and the painting corner so we had terrible influences on both sides: we sampled fudge, cookies, AND cupcakes from the lovely Coz while also drooling over the paints, brushes, and recording equipment set-up in the painting corner. And yes, those cupcakes were divine but I think the fudge was our runaway favourite of the day! We didn’t take photos of the fudge. It didn’t last long enough.

One of the highlights of the day was when Gav Thorpe, one of the fathers of Gorkamorka, came to our stall and said hello. Fox had seen him wandering around the hall and said to me, “That face looks so familiar…” and the penny dropped only as he came over for a chat. Better late than never!

Despite the anecdote above we are finding that we now recognise a fair few of you regular convention people. It’s one of the lovely things about going to shows like this: you start to make friends with other traders and also get to say hello to customers and visitors you realise you’ve met before. It’s a good feeling!

Speaking of visitors: we didn’t catch this legend’s name but he rocked up in a homemade ork jacket with glyphs and everything! We absolutely loved it. More of that sort of thing, please!

We brought along a show exclusive as usual: the first glimpse of a new vehicle! We actually only managed to cast a handful of copies for sale because the mould was giving Fox terrible trouble in the days before the convention so it was super limited edition. But it came along and here’s the (mostly) painted version of it: meet Krissy, the goblin gun truck. She’s little, she’s fierce, and she’s based on a cab-over-engine design. She’ll be on the website in a little while, don’t you worry. Who wouldn’t want this adorable little bugger?!

As the day drew to a close there was another amazing convention cake which I managed to see just before it was cut into magnificent slabs for us all to enjoy. Just look at that beauty! It was also very, very tasty. Cake is supposed to be tasty as a general rule but some cakes are made of lies. This cake was made of truth and tasty.

As usual we came away from the show with a small haul of goodies: I splurged on paint brushes, treasure chests, tombstones, and green dust that will haunt me for months (this is why I’m not allowed glitter, people). Fox was more sensible and bought paints for business purposes (although he got over-enthusiastic and accidentally bought a wash of some sort). Oh, and more brushes. We always need more brushes in our household. (We probably don’t need tombstones. Realistically.)

We wanted to blog about this sooner but you might have noticed that the website was recently very much on fire. It’s stopped smouldering now so blog entries can sporadically resume!