Phew, some breathing room. This time two weeks ago we were supposed to be packing up stock for ChillCon 2018 (Sheffield) but it turns out getting Jenny’s hair dyed took most of the working day. We arrived at the salon at 11 and left at about half past four. Yep. Well she seems pleased and I got some work done too to get myself nice and psyched up for meeting you lot!

ChillCon was at Ecclesfield School again this year and was nicely packed, even more so than last year. Given that it was utterly horrid outside the venue I’m really impressed by how many of you braved the elements to reach us.

We did our best to reward as many as possible with thematic chocolate. I’m reliably informed that it was Easter so eggs were deployed by the bowl full. I’m proud that neither of us ate too many during the day… the leftovers we were less well behaved about though…

Anyway, before we get into the specifics of our stall let’s talk about some of the other awesome stuff that was there. I mean, you can already look at most of our stuff – you’re on our site!

The Fox Box stall was stationed opposite the wall of miniatures and glorious painted miniatures of Crooked Dice and their 7TV game system. I’m ashamed to say that I only recently had the concept explained to me at which point I couldn’t stop gushing about it. It’s about running TV shows and allows for all sorts of amazing creativity. Hopefully I can get a suitable board setup when I move next as I love the idea. I find it hard to justify buying random cool miniatures without a game to use them in – see where I’m going with this..?

Other highlights – this gargant:

I do love a good scratchbuild, especially when it’s massive!

Then there’s these charming chaps:


Lovely lads – several of them stopped by the stall for a chat. We had a nice natter with loads of folks (and occasionally persuaded them to take some minis home!) and as always it was great. I spend most of my time working in either a small work room or a casting shed – getting to be allowed out to talk minis with other people is wonderful!

Now you might expect photos of our stall in here but you’ll have to settle for one taken from behind the scenes!

So that’s what my new hairline looks like…

Several people were creating videos of the event this year and I was interviewed by two of them. You can see me there having a chat with Wargamer Online‘s camera – I say that because Phil was using a wide angle lens meaning he could get rather close. From where I was standing everything but the lens was peripheral vision!

Who else? Why the rather smashing Paul from EnterTheWolftime, that’s who!

Right, back to the salt mines for me. Good news though – ChillCon are having another event in Derby in September!

I should probably check if we have a stall booked…

(Want to know how last year went? Jenny wrote that one up – here)