Winter is over and spring is here – that means it’s time for CHILLCON*! Well, I mean, it was time for it. It was on Saturday and we saw lots of you there!

Some things went well, some went poorly. Thankfully the things that went poorly were relatively minor and the things that went well went really well.

We’ll start with the things that went wrong as there’s always a few:

  • We couldn’t find the right size of label paper and ended up doing product labels by hand
  • We could only find one of our promotional t-shirts
  • We forgot to bring a couple of painted miniatures (again!)
  • We forgot to bring a thermos of tea!

I’m sure we’ll find the other shirt eventually – we put it somewhere sensible-oh gods that means it’s gone forever…

Anyway the show was a stonking success and was busier than any we’ve seen so far. We sold out of plenty of things, new and old, and had some wonderful chats with people. We both love it when people stop by to have a natter – wargaming may be a social hobby during a game but much of the rest of the time we’re in small rooms on our own. We even met some people playing Gorkamorka, something I always want to hear about (my first love!).

The hall just before the doors opened

As usual the lighting in the hall was bizarre (it’s a fierce green-yellow that does strange things to colours) but other than that things were pretty tip-top. Cozzmic Cakes were on hand to provide some excellent deliciousness, at some point Jenny located a glass of mead, and then there was all that wargames stuff too…

We were setup between Atlantis Miniatures (take a look at their female dwarves – they’re brilliant) and Victorious Miniatures (not really our thing model-wise but lovely people!). A good spread of stands filled the hall as well as some games too. The table using The Unseen University Cut-Out Book as terrain being a particular favourite!

For once we were fairly restrained – some tasty things for eating and an airbrush cleaning pot were our main purchases. I did see some terrain I was tempted by but someone else was much more tempted than me and it was long gone by the time I had a chance at it!

Very pleased with the airbrush cleaning pot – it’s already seen use in my ongoing quest to finish an Ork town I started in 2011. Incidentally that was one of the things we released at the show – the Orc Detailing Pack!

I started it a few years ago for my Ork Battlewagon, Olga, but the intent was always to use them for buildings. The old version of the mould would not cast the large air conditioning unit consistently (due to all the space behind the fan blades) but that’s now been solved and new stuff has been added.

There’ll be a proper product release post about the various things we released in the near future but I wanted to at least write about one of the show debuts!

One thing – someone got a free Orc Warlord from us. Our PayPal reader malfunctioned on the first sale of the day (it behaved itself after that – no one else was that lucky!). We played it safe as we’d hate to charge someone twice (and Jenny tells me he was back later to buy some wheels!). Wherever you are you’re welcome to keep him but I want to see him painted! V8! V8! V8!

Also a massive shout out to Spud – he’s been having a tough time of late but still found time to paint up our limited edition Orc Freebooter Kaptin. We’ll probably have to do a post on him in a bit as he was amazing to sculpt but a nightmare to cast. That said we sold out of him so that’s still an excellent result!

Lastly the cake was particularly delicious this year. Mmm, almondy. Right, roll on CHILLCON Derby!

*I believe it’s supposed to be all caps – not sure why but let’s roll with it!