One of these days I’ll get to visit Derby (I hear it’s lovely), yesterday was not that day. Instead it was straight to Allestree Woodlands School for CHILLCON Derby 2019 and a day of wargaming enthusiasm!

This was only our second time in Derby but it’ll be our fifth CHILLCON, I reckon. In fact I think we’ve been at all of them! I think I can say categorically that this one was the best yet for us.

Since our range has grown so much we can no longer bring everything to shows and have to be selective. It’s always a guessing game as to what to fill our pegs with but I reckon we got it right this time. By the end of the show our racks were looking pretty empty and my throat was rather croaky from all the talking I’d been doing!

I mostly work from home so conventions are the few times I get to be out there meeting people – as a result my enthusiasm for this stuff gushes forth from every pore. Mmm, what a charming image. Even if I wanted to I don’t think I could stop myself being so exuberant – rooms and rooms filled with people excited about games, miniatures, and related nerdery! It’s amazing!

What makes it even better is that everyone gets their favourite nerdy clothes and accessories on for the occasion. Jenny and I are constantly spotting fun t-shirts, bags, wallets, and on one occasion – Ultramarines-themed leggings! How cool is that?

Special mention goes to The Boondock Sayntes. These red wine swigging gents in their dapper uniform were in the centre of our room and really set a great tone for the day with their sprawling game of Assaye 1803.

Amidst all the people are of course games and traders. We never get a chance to play any games, sadly, but wherever possible we get a good nosey at the boards. I’m a bit predictable, I know, but ThunderChild Miniatures’ Wasteman was my favourite. I particularly liked the downed giant robot that created an excellent bit of terrain!

Now, let’s see what the two of us managed to take away with us…

For me there was some more Vallejo Magenta Fluorescent paint supplied by The Sleeping Dragon Hobby Shop. I’ve been using it to paint my Sons of Sonora space marine chapter. Orks may be my first love but I also enjoy obnoxiously bright pink and those two don’t really mix – at least not as the main colour of the army. Those marines I bought at the Barrage 2019 bring-and-buy sale are coming along nicely, if you’re curious! I’ve also managed to field them at Warhammer World but I did find wound tracking a bit of a nuisance. We do wound trackers suitable for Ork vehicles but they’d look a little odd on a Space Marine Rhino, wouldn’t they? Fortunately Lasercut Architect (LCA) were on hand with a bargain – all those wound trackers for a fiver! Done!

Jenny wandered off for quite a while and wouldn’t reveal how many paints she bought… She assures me that it was a sensible quantity but as you can see from the note provided I have reasons to be dubious! Still, I’m sure The Sleeping Dragon were happy!

I can also see a rather stylish phone box in laser cut MDF from Blotz, some resin ruins from Leven Miniatures (you might have spotted their rather cool signage in the background of that photo from earlier!), and some metal gravestones from Perfect Six Miniatures (although I think they were sold by Leven).

Lastly there’s two different sizes of suction-based tools for working with small parts. We’ve seen Barwell Bodyworks and their airbrush extravaganza on many occasions and they always make us smile. I’ve bought some excellent coloured primers from them as well as various other bits of airbrushing kit. I’d not seen these tools before and thought they’d be ideal for Jenny’s day job (she’s a museum conservator by trade). After pointing her in their direction I went for a bit of a wander – by the time I’d got back she’d negotiated a swap with them and they took home a couple of our Blackthumb Biker Bosses!

On an unrelated note – there were some last minute changes to the venue. Last year we had the school’s sports hall but that fell through late in the day. Amazingly things got sorted out and we were instead spread through various other rooms in the school. I actually loved that. Our stall was in their library and this lent the whole thing a sort of book fair vibe that really brought back nice memories. Also the carpeted floor dampened down the noise of the show and made the whole thing less over-stimulating, something I appreciated a great deal.

I mention this partly to praise the amazingness of the CHILLCON organisers but also because it’s an excuse to mention Jenny’s artwork. We expected to have a bit more space in front of the stalls (as you’d expect in a sports hall) so she decided to do some artwork:

Anyway, back to talk of lovely people! It was great to see Oathsworn, Mighty Lancer Games, and Cozzmic Cakes:

Oathsworn’s Jo always cheers me up and their model range is glorious, although I’m still sad that their old multi-tiered diorama had to go! Burrows and Badgers is their game and as with many others I wish I had the chance to play it (The Sleeping Dragon were running demo games on the day).

Mighty Lancer were our hosts for Ambush! a few months ago and each time I see those guys I want to hug them. With any luck we’ll be sending a few boxes of blisters their way soon!

Lastly, Cozzmic Cakes. My gods. So delicious. I had a fun chat about regional sales differences. That’s an interesting way to make something sound boring, isn’t it? Well it wasn’t! Apparently when they do shows further north they can’t keep their shelves stocked with enough fudge but it’s less popular further south. As a result I got to try some “blondie” which I think I’d classify as a brownie. It had white chocolate chips in the base and a molassey sweetness on top. Highly recommended!

Did you get one of our comms gobbos in the swag bag? I heard that there were some last minute additions to it from Mantic that were large enough that they got their own boxes! I know that the volunteers packing them had a hell of a time and a couple of people didn’t get their gobbos. If so please let me know! Goblins for the people!

All in all, another good year. Apologies for the lack of photos – the day was so busy we didn’t get the chance to take any more!