Looking at the blog for Fox Box you’d be forgiven for thinking that the site is dead. It isn’t, but I’m not doing a great job of showing it off. The reason it has looked like this is fairly simple – I’ve been unable to keep my head in the game. The reason is pretty simple – I’ve spent the last year moving or getting ready to move. For me that kind of limbo plays havoc with motivation, not to mention the logistical problems of getting stock ordered. I’m sure it wouldn’t have stopped most of you but for whatever reason that’s how my mind works, or doesn’t.

If you’re interested in the details this paragraph should explain a little further:
Fox Box started when I lived in Edinburgh. In my entire time there (2006 – 2013) I only moved twice and one of those times was when I left my student halls. I had been planning to leave the city in 2012 but personal circumstances got in the way. Without anyone else to split a new flat with I was stuck where I was. Luckily in August 2012 I met Fox Box’s resident artist, Jenny Mathiasson, who was finishing her Masters degree in Cardiff at the time. She too was planning to move in the near future – as soon as she got a job. Figuring I might as well make one move rather than two I spent the first half of 2013 expecting to leave Edinburgh within a few weeks. It wasn’t just me looking to leave the city though – my flatmates wanted to move too. By Summer 2013 the wheels were in motion for them to head to Norway and I either needed to find new flatmates or head south. I opted to move down to Cardiff instead and take Jenny’s spare room. Unsurprisingly a short time after that Jenny did indeed find work and we found ourselves packing up once again, this time to Cambridge.

We’ve now been here a little over a month and as you can see, things are getting back on track. I’ve not secured a good place for my sculpts yet and so I’m a few months behind on that, but generally speaking things can at long last get back to normal.

Over the last couple of days I’ve been doing (digital) paperwork and trying to make sure Fox Box’s accounts are ship shape. One of the side effects of this was the compilation of the SKUs of the plastic kits we stock. Using that information and a bit of SQL I was able to hack together a few commands that automatically restock kits. The previous way of doing restocks was to edit each product and update its stock number. The Battlewagon alone has 99 bitz! Now it’s just a matter of logging in and running a single SQL  query for each kit that needs updating. A special thank you to the Twist- from #sql  on Freenode for helping me understand enough to make that happen!