Since Fox Box first launched we’ve been looking into how to reinvest our earnings, as you might expect. Right now our range is fairly limited and we’d really like to grow it, but as we don’t have infinite resources to work with we have to try to make a smart call as to where to take things.

Anna and I were discussing it in depth over the last few days trying to draw up specific options, rather than general ideas. On Dakka Dakka we’ve had a few different requests and then there’s been the various enquiries we’ve dealt with from people emailing us directly.

Essentially things break down into three options:

Option 1

Start stocking Kromlech products. We would not be selling them as bitz but rather as kits.

We’d be able to ship stuff from the UK rather than Poland making postage cheaper and significantly faster for you. Our prices would also be in Pounds Sterling as you probably guessed and so you wouldn’t need to deal with exchange rates and all that jazz.

In terms of what we’d be stocking, that’d be up to you guys. We can’t afford to stock their whole range to begin with, although in time we would be, so we’d want to stock things that are mostly likely to sell quickly allowing us to reinvest again and broaden our range.


Option 2

Extend our bitz range to include MaxMini Pirate Orc heads and their Feral Orc heads as well as stocking the GW Lootas & Burnas kit.

This option would probably carry the most risk for us.


Option 3

Something else entirely. Contact us, leave a comment, or post in our Dakka Dakka thread to tell us what you want.


Frankly we’d like to do all three and aim to in time, but this is a matter of how best to grow. We’re not a big company and can’t really afford to go into debt buying stock that may or may not sell.

So, please, what would you like us to do next?