Hey Guys!

Great news here at Fox Box we just got a package from Poland today – our first order from Kromlech arrived! That means that once we get all the stock sorted and pictures taken we’ll be selling Kromlech products, shipping them straight from the UK!

When you order the Kromlech products from us we’ll be able to get them to you as fast as all our other stock (less than 24 hours in most cases!).

We’ll be selling their products as whole kits/ blister packs, not as individual bits; that’s just the way it’s gotta be.

We won’t be stocking their entire range just yet; keeping in Fox Box tradition we are concentrating on Orky (or Orcy!) stuff to start with. The plan is to eventually have all their products available but it’ll take a while. If there’s  things you want us to make a priority give us a shout.

So for now stay green!

UPDATE: Kromlech products are now on the shelves.