You might have noticed our new front page. Not much to say there, it’s new and it’s our front page.

I need to write something? Oh, okay…

The change is for a simple reason – we had a huge influx in traffic this time last week and thanks to the feedback we received we were able to discover some bugs. For a start we fixed the permalink issues with our blog. This time last week it was impossible to comment on our blog posts or to even link to a specific post.

The second, and more pressing problem, was that pagination on the front page was completely broken.

Well, not completely, it worked just fine if one was logged in. Why?

No idea.

I spent most of the second half of last week trying to isolate the problem and discover what was causing the problem. Turns out it wasn’t me doing something wrong, it’s an actual bug in Jigoshop, the platform we run our shop on.

Essentially that means our front page, for now, can’t be a list of our products, at least until the next update is released.

In the mean time we’ve tried to provide a simple listing of products that should make it a little easier to find what you’re looking when you first reach the site.


Death threats?