A few weeks back we were at Barrage 2017 and as part of that I’d been tasked with creating a special miniature for the show. The result was this chap:

The lumpiness is deliberate. However I did realise after I cast him that I’d forgotten the tuft of hair I’d meant to add to the right side of his bonce. Damn.

Grodbukkit is both a winner and loser of the genetic lottery. On the one hand his abilities with all things automotive border on the uncanny but on the other, well, greenskin society takes a dim view of those unable to brawl with the best of them. His hunched posture and tendency to scuttle win him little respect even when performing mechanical miracles. The constant muttering and prayers to his own gods don’t win him many friends either, frankly…

Anyway as we didn’t know how many participants there’d be we just kept casting until the mould died (as they all inevitably do). The result was a big pile of the little blackthumb – many of which found a good home but there were a few left over. It’s taken me a while to get around to painting my copy but he’s done now!

Couldn’t make it to Barrage? Well you may be in luck:

While stocks last orders over £25 will receive a free copy of Grodbukkit, Orc Blackthumb Extraordinaire.