I’m not quite well yet but I’m a whole lot better than I was this last week.

As a result our email system is online and running smoothly (at least from what I can tell!). The contact form goes to that address and it’s business as usual.

When I’ve not been working on that I’ve been researching cameras. I’ve been taking the site’s photos using a Fujifilm Z1 and, to be frank, I’m not satisfied with the image quality or the camera in general. You guys deserve better than that and I wouldn’t mind if I could take decent pics of my personal models too!

I was hoping my parents’ old Fujifilm S5000 would be available for me to take back with me to Edinburgh but as it turns out it’s not in use for a reason – the camera system is toast. Warm, buttery toast. Essentially when one switches it on the viewing/album mode works just fine but it just powers off or crashes when attempting to take photos.

Fortune smiled on me however, as I found a Nikon Coolpix 5700 nearby, also free for the taking. Unfortunately it too is knackered! It will take photos but even without the lens cap on they just come out completely black. Brilliant!

Can’t be helped, these things do happen. So I’ve been researching DSLRs and “bridge” cameras. I can’t afford a DSLR just yet (and frankly it’d probably be wasted on me) but a bridge camera seems ideal (they bridge the gap between DSLRs and point and shoot digicams).

I’m considering the¬†Fujifilm FinePix HS20EXR at the moment. Anyone got any opinions on it?