It’s been a good year for my vacuum pump but apparently the anniversary of its arrival was to be the day of its departure. I was in the middle of making a mould of some wheels when it died on me. I’d switched it on to make a quick adjustment to the mould and when I tried to start it again there was a hum followed by permanent silence.


From what I’ve seen under the hood the outer electrical bits are fine so it seems likely it’s something more complex inside and I doubt I have the tools to fix it. It’s going to need to be repaired or replaced and whilst inconvenient it’s within our means to do so immediately. There’s going to be some disruption of course – I can’t exactly cast more Create-a-Shoota sets without my casting rig!

On the plus side the exact same model is still available so it should just be a case of attaching the hoses to the new pump and turning it on. It’s served me very well this past year and an upgrade shouldn’t be needed just yet.