I don’t know about you but I feel a bit daft talking about Christmas in November so I’ve put off writing this post until now. Probably shouldn’t have done that but too late now. Wait, this is starting to sound dangerously ominous…

Each year we travel to Sweden to be with Jenny’s parents at Christmas. It’s the only time they get to see her and there’s a soft spot in my heart for Swedish Christmas traditions (the good kind of soft spot, not the kind that necessitates corrective surgery).

Normally we go after my birthday (18th) but this year Jenny’s workplace have been a pain with dates so we’re going early and returning early. Instead we’ll be leaving on the 8th and be back by 20th December.

We’re reliant on the postal system to get orders out and so that’ll mean that we’re effectively closed for a month. You’ll be able to place orders but they’ll not be seeing the inside of a postbag until the first week of January.

Want something sent before then? You’ve got a week from now!