There’s a lot of new vehicles about this month, aren’t there? Well we didn’t want to miss out on the fun so we’re releasing our own little cab-over-engine inspired model – the Fox Box Goblin Technical.

She’s a little under 2″ wide and about 3″ long. Her gun, gunner, and the gunner’s head are all separate pieces too so if you’d prefer her without a crew-served weapon that’s totally an option. It also means that if you’d prefer a different head it’ll be a doddle to swap it!

Here’s some more photos:

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It’s become a bit of a tradition of late to name greenskin vehicles in our house and this latest one is no exception. In my army I have a scratch-built Ork battlewagon named Olga, a trukk called Oliv, and Magda the Fighta-Bommer. Those names feel rather substantial though and this petite little thing felt more like a Krissy. Possibly I’ve been watching too much Red Dwarf?

You can get your own here: