Back in May I finished up work on the first Fox Box Tiny Tank and released it as a timed exclusive for ChillCon 2017. Since then the reaction has been wonderful and several people have shared heart-warming stuff about the model. This post is basically to say “Guys, it’s out now! You can buy it – with money!”

I’ve seen some heartwarming pictures of various tanks being painted (including one that reminded me of my own start in this hobby so much that I had to show my mum!) and some really fun colour schemes too. One of Barrage staff (the rather magnificent John) picked one up as a sort of personal prezzie for himself:

Apparently now it wants company…

One particular tank has got to get a special mention though as it has laid the groundwork for a relationship with Golem Painting Studio in Manchester. Matt Haslam painted it and personalised it for us – just look at it!


So yeah, the Tiny Tank is out and can be found here (assuming none of the other link spam got through). I don’t know how many I’ll be manufacturing as the moulds are a right faff. There’s eleven left at the time of writing so you’d best get your skates on if you want one. I’m planning on doing another design or two in the months to come but unless they’re wildly popular they’ll be in short runs in between other things.