With each goblin I sculpt I try to improve on some aspect. This month I was working on movement in the form of a charging pose:

There’s still plenty of room for improvement but I’m relatively pleased with how he turned out. He was originally going to be holding something like a Japanese lunge mine (I’d recently encountered them in Battlefield V and found some of the players using it darkly hilarious) but I thought it was probably a bit of kit that falls into the “bit obscure” category. Instead I opted for a cross between a rocket and a Mad Max universe thunderstick.

There’s a detail that’s a little tricky to see unless you look carefully – there’s duct tape holding the det cord to the stick. It’s mostly hidden by Tanks’ hands but it’s there. Also real world det cord burns at a rate of kilometres per second but I love sculpting the stuff and it looks more interesting than a plain fuse!

Also the base might look a bit different from others – that’s because we’ve just switched to using MDF bases supplied by Warbases. Casting our own is a hassle and they have been fantastic to work with. I recommend them!

Here’s a turntable video of the finished model:

The model is on the shop, here:

Tanks Fernuffin – Fox Box March Goblin (available until 31st March 2020)