The Big Mek has been hard at work lately and we’ve got a new product ready to ship. But we just can’t think of what to call it. Maybe you can help?

Fox Box AKs - Suggest a name!

We were going to call them “Goblin Assault Rifles” but that could be a bit misleading.
Here’s the bit that’s getting us in a tizzy:

  • They’re not all assault rifles – there’s a support machine gun (RPK), a rocket launcher (RPG-7), and several carbines
  • They’re not just suitable for goblins! They’re human scale too. Here’s a GW model holding one:

Games Workshop Catachan Jungle Fighter with Fox Box AK

We briefly considered calling them “Goblin Assault Weapons” but that’s a bit of a politically charged term in the US with a fair bit of controversy attached to it that we’d rather steer well clear of!

So if you’ve got any good ideas, let us know in comments below or on our Facebook page (or tweet at us).