I love these things:

Fox Box Orc Jerrycan with scale and a GW Ork Boy

They’re great. Growing up I had tiny jerrycans that came with the old GW Ork Wartrukk model but they were puny even by the standards of the day. I’d dig one out and photograph it but just trust me – they were tiny. 28mm Heroic isn’t really a scale though so it’s difficult to get sizes right.¬†Things like barrels are especially tricky given the bases the models stand on. We usually just fudge it and these jerry cans are no exception – they’d come up to chest height if that Ork was human!

I’m really pleased with them but it has taken quite a while to bring them to market due to my own incompetence. Sometimes I finish masters for something and just can’t get them to cast right. It’s rarely a problem with the masters themselves – normally it’s how I’ve laid out the mould. I experiment fairly often when making new ones though and I’m always learning. Well, apart from when I’m not.

Anyway, these seem to be casting happily now so that means I can soon fill my own builds up with cans. Next stop – kegs!


Oh and you can buy the jerrycans here: