Lt.Soundwave has been in touch to enlist our help in spreading the word of something awesome.

Over on DakkaDakka there’s a worldwide Warhammer 40,000 campaign being put together:

Myself and a team of Dakka Members, are currently writing up Fluff and Mechanics for a World Wide Campaign.
Basically you (as a Warhammer Player), play games of 40k, and give your results into your "Warzone Commander" and they will pass them on in an organised fashion, to the Organisers.

This Campaign will revolve around a Sub-Sector in the very North-Western edge of the Segmentum Solar, there are 24 Planets divided into 4 Systems for the forces of Order and Destruction to fight over, each planet has an Imperial Control Rating (0-100%) and that shows who controls said planet, Disorder victories lowers the value, whilst Order increases the value. Each Planet is also worth Campaign Points, which ever side has the most Points at the end of 8 weeks "wins", but there will be a fluff result too.
Your every battle will change the fate of the Sub-Sector: Saved? Destroyed in Fire and Blood? Eaten and Digested? Enslaved?

And at the end of each week I will write up a fluff piece from the Imperial view point,
A Campaign Pack will become available soon. . . .


The campaign thread is here: