I should probably start doing blog posts every time we release a product, now I come to think about it. Maybe they’ll cover what’s new about the new thing, or something. Hmm. Well let’s give it a go and see where it takes us!

So, most recent release, erm, yep, these things:

Fox Box Orc Riot Shields 3.0 Fox Box Orc Riot Shields 3.0

They’re the 3.0 iteration of our Orc Riot Shields. They’re improved in many ways but there’s still a fair bit of the originals from late¬†2012 in there. Has it really been that long?

Since then they’ve hit 2.0 which saw the introduction of bludgeon arms to go with them (a pipe, a club with nails in it, and a barbed wire cudgel thingy). This latest version bumps it up to five designs of each. One of the shields uses an old phone card as part of its master. Back when I was getting into wargaming in ’98 plasticard (styrene sheeting) was damn near impossible to find near me. I’d just been sent off to boarding school and my boarding house had a pay phone that used these cards. I’d collect all I could find and use them to convert my Gorkamorka vehicles. No need to any more, of course, but there’s a few odds and ends still kicking about that still date back that far. The guy that runs a bitz shop is a bit of a pack rat? Alert the media!

Also it’s the first time I’ve handled the photos this way. I’ve never managed to get ink to stick to raw resin so these are coated in the modern equivalent of Bleached Bone (I know, I’m old…) first. I’m fairly pleased with the result, frankly.

Bringing them up to five also makes it easier to equip units with them. I’m planning on using a couple of sets for my 40K Orks!