We don’t go on many holidays and they’re rarely anywhere glamorous. This time we’re heading to Wales to visit my parents. I know, that Instagram life I lead. Anyway, my folks always ask how things are going with the business and it’d be nice to be able to have a good moan about all the work I’m going to need to do when we get back!

So to encourage that sort of thing we’re doing a sale on our stuff. As always that means things we make – Fox Box stuff. Not the plastic bitz, not TakUnderhand’s beautiful laser-cut acrylics, not the odds and ends in the Mek’z Speshul category. Just our stuff! That’s quite a lot of products these days, I’m proud to say.

As the graphic below says the code to put in at checkout is “eggthingy2017”. Mmmm eggs…

We run JigoShop as our ecommerce solution and have done since it was a fairly new bit of software. A little while back, a few months, something like that, they finally hit version 2.0. I don’t make a habit of upgrading production software until it’s been out a while¬†just in case there’s some show-stopping bugs that haven’t been found yet.

So when we get back from our holiday I’ll be tinkering with the software and doing my best to make sure everything is running smoothly. This could take a few hours, or it could take days. I have no idea – that’s one of the reasons I’ve been putting off doing it!

I’ll also be revising our postage costs slightly as it’s now a new financial year and that means the Royal Mail have once again raised their prices. One more reason to get orders in before the sale ends!

Now if only I could convince someone to buy me a chocolate egg. It’s been bloody years!