Roughly every month YakTribe has a competition of some sort. The most recent one, competition 13, has been centred on the theme “It came from the…”

Make / Paint a Monster or some Monsters – this is our first ever dedicated monsters competition too, so we’re hoping for some really creative entries.

Ideas: Some kind of ‘It came from the sump’ scenario, wandering monsters, summons or perhaps something a little more mysterious.

There is no minimum or maximum base size or min / max numbers for this.
Usual games apply – Necro, GoMo, Mordheim (& FG), INQ28.
Again, you have 6 weeks to get your final entries in – closing will be T̶h̶u̶r̶s̶d̶a̶y̶ ̶5̶t̶h̶ ̶M̶a̶y̶ Monday 9th May (due to Holiday Weekends :)🙂 ).

I’ve entered before but in recent months I’ve been fairly busy. Well for once there was a gap in my schedule – we’re about to move house and so I’m trying to pack away bigger work projects (there’s quite a few!) and just work on small things. I figured a competition entry would be a fun change of pace and so got stuck in.

A fair few years back we put together a scenario called “Frankenork” featuring a create so disgustingly unorky that it could not be allowed to live. It didn’t even have an interest in fighting!

Clayton Tait drew some beautiful artwork to go with it:

Clayton Tait’s vision of “Da Monster”

So for the competition I set to work creating a 3D version!

It started with some miscast bits…

The legs were quickly coated in green stuff.

Next up – a guideline head (It’s a modified version of the Snow Stinger rider’s head)

Just like the legs the torso, head, and guide arm were all completely obscured by putty.

The arms were done like this – a miscast arm with some armature wire inserted followed by putty.

The armature wires vanish under layers of kneadatite!

Let’s get some muscle on there!

Time for some gizmos and cables.

Once firmly set they could then be curled into his back and blended in.

Details are important – note the staples on his left arm and the stitches on his chest and cranium.

Once the arms were removed I was able to get in there and sort out details on his palms as well as a few other areas much more easily.

Given that I’d like to use the model as a basis for other projects a cast seemed sensible! Some details were added before this but I don’t have a photo of those (notably the shackles and chain links).

I squished his shoulder a little when I hastily pulled it from the mould. Oops!


As you can see – this guy is *big*!

Want a better look at him? Take a look at the video below: