As you good folks may have noticed we are now open for business.

SSL is up and running, the order system seems to be working perfectly and we’ve processed our first few orders.

The one thing we currently don’t support that I’m working on is multiple shipping rates. For the moment we only ship to the UK due to a limitation in our software. That limitation can be removed shortly with a plugin but it’s going to cost us a little bit. A few more orders should cover that nicely but in the mean time we’re going to institute a little workaround.

As you may already know our shipping is a flat rate of £1.99 to the UK. The cost to the rest of the world isn’t too bad though but it is a little higher.

If you’re in mainland Europe shipping is a £2.99 flat rate.

The rest of the world, including the US, is £3.99, again flat rate.

I mentioned a workaround – if you’re wanting an order shipped outside of the UK you should add the relevant shipping to your order.

Mainland Europe

Rest of the World

Basically these items add £1 or £2 to your order, respectively, fixing the gap in shipping.

Sorry about the inconvenience but it should be a non-issue in a short while.