I’m sure plenty of you are familiar with the American television show Sons of Anarchy, it’s got action, Ron Perlman, and motorcycles; what’s not to like?

Some of you may also know that I recently wrote some rules for Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs for Gorkamorka, based on Neil Plews’ GoMo Freebooter rules. I wanted to create my own mob of bikers and felt that a variant on the normal rules was required to make my vision feasible. I asked Darren Sampson for some accompanying artwork and he gave me this:

Pretty good, eh?

I’m currently bashing away at the models and posting updates on The Waaagh and Dakka Dakka documenting the progress of my gang. That’s not all though – I’m working on some decals for the club to create uniform back patches for the torsos I’m sculpting.

They’ll look a little bit like this when they’re done:


The thing is, they’re only about 12mm tall and the paper to print them is 216mm by 280mm which means that unless I’m planning on making a gang of hundreds I really don’t need that many. You might also notice that the text in the photo above is different from Darren’s artwork, that’s because I’ve created a version with customisable text allowing me to generate art assets for any chapter, not just my own.

Mentioning this on the forums it looks like there’s quite a few other chapters springing up!

  • Spores of Anarchy: Northern Wastes (Sam Snow)
  • Spores of Anarchy: North West
  • Spores of Anarchy: Ash Waste Nomads

We’ve also got an affiliate in Wolverhampton:

  • Scums of Anorky Redwun Originulz

Keep your eyes on the blog for further details on this little project as I intend on documenting the different charters. If you’re looking to start your own whether it’s for Gorkamorka or just Warhammer 40,000, drop me a line using the contact form or leave a comment.