sslIt’s been an intense few days here in the Fox Box bunker. I’ve been doing my best to fix up some of the annoying issues we’ve encountered over the last month or three and in doing so found a few annoying things.

First off there’s the fact that Firefox thought there was something wrong with our SSL certificate. There wasn’t and never has been, worry ye not. As it happens we don’t need SSL on our shopping cart as we don’t handle the financial aspects – that’s all done through PayPal’s secure servers, not ours. Your money is safe Smile

Speaking of the shopping “cart” there’s been some changes there too. Using a new version of Jigoshop’s Table Rate Shipping extension things are finally working properly. No longer do you have to worry about virtual items to create the correct postage levels!

Furthermore worldwide shipping rates have been implemented. There’s a calculator in the shopping basket to let you know how much it’ll be before checkout, just punch in your location.

There’s more news to come but that’s all for now.

Stay green!