This weekend we’ll be running a trade stall at ChillCon ’17 but this post is only tangentially about that. Y’see, a while back I kitbashed/scratchbuilt a vehicle for my Warhammer 40,000 Ork army. An Ork Battlewagon named Olga.

What’s missing? Gunz!

I figured that much like on GW’s Battlewagon turrets are the answer! So I created some. James from LavaTurbine helped me out by cutting some mounting rings using lasers. I wanted these turrets to fit on other things as from what I can tell there’s a standard for these things across companies. Kromlech do some turrets, for example, that are supposed to fit on things like the GW Battlewagon. By using roughly the same standard my parts should fit on everyone else’s work as well as my own (and vice versa).

So I have this set of turrets. Well, they’re cool on their own and great for scratchbuilds and kitbashes but wouldn’t it be nice if they had something else to ride around on? A tiny tank, perhaps?

Maybe there’d be several designs? Interchangeable weapons? Yeah, let’s make that happen!

I normally cast solid objects though. Vacuum and high pressure environments don’t bother them. Hollow things though, well, they either implode, explode, or both.

The tracks you’re seeing are in pieces simply because I built them too well – they didn’t break apart in convenient ways to allow me to remove them in large pieces. Not a big deal as the casts were great. No, the problem is that the hollow interior couldn’t withstand the vacuum. The air inside burst out and the silicone rushed in to fill the gap. If you look carefully you can also see the crack on the underside of the body where the bottom buckled inwards!

So nearly the entire body of the tank was filled with silicone, the rear detailing was ruined, and the mould was a write off. Oh and the small raised piece on the front (the block with the inset grille) withstood the vacuum but became concave due to the pressure. So that bit needed a rebuild too. Hooray.

So I rebuilt the model from a resin copy, making a few alterations along the way, and now I have a functional mould. However all the extra time means that for now the other tank designs are going to have to wait. Lots of other things to be doing in the meantime!

If we’re attending a convention we’re going to need product racks. They’re now built and nearly full of products. Still a load more casting to do and a few more moulds to make but hopefully that won’t present too many problems – there’s a heatwave this week and that means casting is much faster. Partly because I’m enthusiastic for being outside and partly because, well, chemical reactions are affected by heat!