I’ve been working on the armament for the truck and the crew. Once they’re done then it should be easy to continue on structural things. This is the problem with creating multi-part kits – things need to interlock but one can’t glue them together properly during creation.

The truck is going to have a machine gun option and a rocket launcher option. Currently the focus is on creating the machine gun as it’s a very specific design (and whilst the rocket launcher is also its design is significantly simpler). As with other things this is where 28mm “Heroic” scale is tricky – things aren’t proportional. I have to make a judgement call on which bits should remain prominent and which can be safely shrunk down.

So for reference the machine gun is based on the M60:

Here it is on the truck (missing its rear iron sight – it hasn’t been attached yet):

As you can see the gunner is sitting on a stack of boxes. Currently they’re placeholders as they’re going to be replaced by ammo tins:

I’m working on a master at the moment:

Once it’s done I’ll make some copies and use them for a variety of things. Extra boxes and stuff to decorate vehicles 😀
If anyone is wondering the rocket launcher is going to be based on the M202 Flash (you might know it as the Grim Reaper from Call of Duty: Black Ops).