Your Privacy

In brief this site exists to let people buy stuff we make. We’re not interested in collecting data, sending spam, or anything like that. We don’t maintain a list of email addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses, or whatever else. You’re not required to register to order from us and we will not send you promotional emails.

The only emails you’ll get from us are either our software updating the status of your order (so for example when one of us marks your order as “Despatched”) or us writing to you personally (If we can’t find a part or you’ve asked us a question, for example).

If you’ve ordered from the site then the ecommerce software has held onto whatever details you’ve input but if you want it wiped, or just want a copy of it, just email us:

Otherwise the order information will sit in the software’s database doing nothing and being read by no one for five years or until we move to different ecommerce software. The reason being that it acts as a digital backup to our paper records for accounting (we’re required to keep them for five years). Unless of course you decide you’d like us to erase it in which case we’ll anonymise the relevant parts of the data.

So essentially we’re doing our best to comply with GDPR and similar. If you’ve got questions you can use the form above for that too. It all goes to the admin email for Fox Box to be dealt with by Fox, who’s the “data control officer”. Well, he’s the Big Mek around here and that includes hitting databases with a hammer on occasion.

We’ve already covered which data we collect so let’s include links to the third party software we use too –Jetpack’s GDPR stuff is here.



Our site can also store information about you using cookies. We don’t do this with any malicious intent, that much should be obvious, it’s just part of the basic functionality of WordPress/Jigoshop (the software we use to run our site). As it happens the cookies our software uses might actually be exempted from the law but just in case we wanted to warn you. They’re set to be session cookies rather than persistent though so closing your browser should wipe them.

If you want to delete any persistent cookies that are already on your device then check your browser’s settings. It should allow you to remove cookies selectively.

Information on deleting or controlling cookies is available at