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Fox Box Orc Resin Special!

Back in 2010 The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site released a Halloween scenario featuring “Da Monster” drawn by Clayton Tait. Well YakTribe had a contest a little while back with the theme “It came from the…” and I felt like having a bash at this sculpt would be a fun challenge. It’s taken a while to get it cleared for commercial release but now we’re good to go!

As you can see in the comparison photos – this guy is big. He can easily go toe-to-toe with a Games Workshop Ork warboss and uses a similar 40mm base.

Also he only has nine toes. I was planning to link to the first Joust episode of Weebl and Bob at this point but it’s no longer easily accessible (although it can be found here) so my hilariously antiquated pop culture references will have to be forgone on this occasion.

This kit is supplied in four parts, including the base, cast in resin and so some clean-up may be required. For further details see our Working With Resin page.

Sculpted by Benjamin Fox. Supplied unpainted.

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