Fox Box Medium Worn Wheels (4)


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Fox Box Goblin Orc Resin vehicle

Scarred, patched, and generally not looking particularly pristine these wheels should be perfect for more lightweight vehicles. They’re 12 mm thick with an additional axle support layer that sticks out a further 3mm, have a diameter of 25mm, and have a 4mm axle slot.

Whilst chunky these are probably a touch small for a fully grown Orc truck. They’d be great on a buggy or something like that though or for human scale vehicles.

This is a set of 4 wheels. They use a 4mm diameter axle that’s fairly standard across 28mm “Heroic” scale Orcs and similar product ranges. They’re cast in resin and so some clean up may be required. For further details see our Working With Resin page.

Sculpted by Benjamin Fox. Supplied unpainted.

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