Technically this is more of a chassis cab or box-delete arrangement than a true pickup truck but I doubt most of you are as nit-picky as I am about these sorts of things!

Either way it’s not really built for transporting troops (at least without adding a suitable platform to it) but should serve you well as either a gun platform or a cab for a larger load (I hear war rigs are rather popular lately…).

For armament there’s the option of either the standard “Swine” machine gun or the M202 “Gordon” rocket launcher (suitable for representing Big Shootas and Rokkit Launchas if you plan on using the kit for Warhammer 40,000). Both are included in the set and should be relatively straightforward to magnetise.

This kit comes with a set of four of our Armoured Truck Wheels. They use a 4mm diameter axle that’s fairly standard across 28mm “Heroic” scale Orcs and similar product ranges. As a result various other wheel designs can be used instead should you prefer something different.

Similarly the crew heads are separate from their bodies so if you feel like using some heads from another, better sculptor then it shouldn’t give you much trouble swapping them.

The set consists of 26 parts cast in resin and so some clean-up may be required. For further details see our Working With Resin page.


  • 139mm (5.45″) long
  • 80mm (3.1″) wide
  • 75mm (2.95″) tall

Sculpted by Benjamin Fox. Supplied unpainted.

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