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Fox Box Greenskin Torsos Greenskins
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Fox Box Orc Resin

A set of biker-themed orc torsos. Each vest (or “cut”) is slightly different just as you’d expect from greenskins but the back is mostly blank (except for seams) to leave space for any patches or transfers of your choosing. Whether you’re looking to start your own chapter of one of the Outlaw MCs or just add a bit of variety to your army these should do the job.

This is a sprue of 5 (as pictured), one of each design. Size-wise they’re about the size of GW Ork boy torsos. They’re cast in resin and so some clean up may be required. For further details see our Working With Resin page.

Sculpted by Benjamin Fox.

Supplied unpainted.

Here’s a couple of customer photos of them in the wild:

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