Resin models, much like plastic and metal tend to have some extra material on them left over from the casting process. In addition to this there may be mould lines or bubbles. We do our best to check everything we send out to ensure it’s of high quality but sometimes something sneaks through. If you get something you’re not happy with, please contact us so we can make it right.

Resin models should be given a wash with warm (not hot!) soapy water before working on them. Mostly this is to remove remnants of silicone release spray that moulds are treated with during the casting process. The other reason is to remove any sweating. It’ll only do it once, shortly after casting (usually as a result of the resin mixture being off by a few grams of one or the other). Here’s a rubbish photo of what it’ll look like:

Sweaty resin!

It’s almost as if taking photos of translucent gunk on an off-white model is difficult…

Fortunately it comes off easily with a thorough wipe or a quick brush with an old toothbrush:

Whenever possible we’ll do our best to clean the resin before it gets packaged but this depends on how busy we are!

Once the resin is clean a bit of kneadatite (“green stuff”) and some cyanoacrylate (Super Glue) are the tools for assembly. The glue being for gluing, obviously, but the putty is there to fill gaps. Unlike plastic models there’s no melting involved with resin (polystyrene cement – butanone – fuses plastic together) as a result you may need a bit of putty to fill in the gaps. Hopefully we’ve designed stuff so barely any is needed but given that we sell parts that can fit on any number of models it’s going to be up to you to figure it out!


Some of our oldest resin products suffer from bobbling. Dealing with this is the same as dealing with standard mould lines – they can be carefully removed with a knife and file. This basically doesn’t apply any more but occasionally we find something ancient at the bottom of a stock box that escaped – best keep the warning here in case!

Occasionally a resin component will be slightly warped. This can be easily remedied by immersing the part in hot water or using a hairdryer on it. Warm it up and bend it gently, basically!